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What is the most effective treatment with regard to neck and shoulder pain?

Neck pain

Neck and shoulder pain can be crippling and difficult to deal with. There are many solutions available, but which is the best choice for you? Some individuals find relief from chiropractic adjustments or massage therapy while others experience relief through prescription medications such as herbs or prescription medications. Learn more about different treatment options and Continue Reading…

Treatment for degenerative disk disease

disk disease

Degenerative disk disease is a condition that is caused by the degeneration of the disks that lie between vertebrae of your spine. The disks act as cushions and shock absorbers. Therefore, when they start becoming worn out, it can lead to painful symptoms and even pain. While there isn’t any way to treat degenerative disk Continue Reading…

What is the most effective treatment for arthritis?


Arthritis strikes more than 50 million Americans, making it one of the most widespread ailments that affects the nation. There is no known cure for arthritis, but there are numerous treatments available that can help lessen the effects of arthritis. Treatment options include drugs such as physical therapy, medication, and surgery. What exactly is arthritis? Continue Reading…